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Tucked away in a crescent of mountains lies a beautiful secluded valley. Long ago, when men first came here, they found the earth so fertile that they named the valley after the ancient Roman Goddess of Fruitfulness: Ceres.  Here the fruit grows so big and sweet and juicy that you'd think that it's magic.

The Ceres Fruit Juices story begins way back in 1923 - the year we were first established, under the name Ceres Fruit Growers. Perhaps an apt name because not only have we grown into one of the largest fruit packaging operations in the world, but we've also grown into South Africa's leading fruit juice company. Not bad when you consider we only started producing juice for the first time in 1982, with the launch of the Ceres brand in South Africa. In 1986, we established the Ceres Fruit Juices company with the merger of LiquiFruit and Fruitree with Ceres. Since then, our company has grown from strength to strength and has won many prestigious food and beverage awards around the world.

Everyone loves Ceres in Haiti.