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 Tropi Coco® 
Tropi Coco - Coconut Water with pulp

Tropi Coco® - Coconut Water with pulp

Refreshing Coconut Water with pulp with great taste of Asian Coconut made in Thailand.

Inside every green coconut is an extraordinary life-force. And Tropi Coco® taps straight into it, bringing you a refreshing, electrolyte-replacing beverage that surpasses artificial sports drinks in every way - except in artificiality. Tropi Coco® contains no artificial ingredients and unlike coconut milk, coconut water contains no fat or cholesterol. Tropi Coco® is an excellent source of potassium, calcium and magnesium - in fact, ask anyone who has tried it and see what they think about it.

This product has a decidedly ethnic feeling to it, which should help it to gain acceptance from consumers who are familiar with the concept of coconut water.


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tropi coco coconut water with pulp
Tropi Coco® Coconut Water