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Company Profile

Associated Food Distributors S.A. is one of the major distributors of imported foods and beverages, tobacco and other consumer goods.  Our company has more than 15 years of experience in the distribution business as well as supermarket chains.  We dominate the supermarket, convenience and horeca markets.

Associated Food Distributors S.A. is dedicated in using its resources to gain market share aggresively in the years to come.  We strive to promote our quality brands with our knowledge of this market place.  AFD is proud of its accomplishments to this date and is ready to take advantage of new challenges to come, while expanding and strengthening to new horizons of our business.

AFD's market coverage is supplied with approximately 1000 establishments directly and over 500 mom and pop stores indirectly.  AFD is known througout the community given its aggressiveness, knowledge, experience and involvement in popular social events.

AFD consists of 80 employees.  Our staff is composed of knowledgeable professionals with ample experience in the sales, marketing and distribution business.  We provide constant training and support to our sales force providing them with the backup required to penetrate this market place while increasing our client base daily and keeping the old clients always satisfied of our quality service.

AFD's office and 50,000 sq.feet warehouse is located in a central location great for dispatching our daily deliveries and is located only 5 minutes from the Airport.  AFD plans to expand its business to its own point of sale stores, where they will only sell AFD products throughout the capital, and in the future the provinces.  In these wholesale points of sale, we will provide them with affordable products for that specialty market place and do big volumes with less profit.

AFD's transportation fleet consists of 15 trucks which includes 1 frozen truck, 1 refrigerated truck, and 3 vans which provide us with our diverse distribution system.  Our fleets are equipped with two-way radio communication systems linked to our central office.  Drivers are provided with daily routes and we provide follow up by a supervisor at the end of day sales.  Supervisors evaluate the sales and see the latest trends to better improve our daily sales while constantly
updating our data analysis.

AFD's marketing philosophy and strategy is totally focused on innovation and service.  Market penetration at all levels has and will continue to be at the core of its activities.  AFD's positioned  with  an assortment of SKU's dominating the competition.  Our marketing campaign is continously monitored to ensure
that each brand is uniquely positioned and targeting its intended audience.

AFD's facilities are equipped with refrigerated and frozen equipement to keep our dairy, produce and frozen products fresh at all times.  Also we have air conditioned rooms for confectionery items and cigarrettes thus ensuring the freshness and quality of our products. AFD provides our clients with the backup they need in terms of promotional material, displays and much more to sell our brands with the help of our suppliers of course.

AFD plans to invest in a route computer program to improve efficiency, reduce costs, monitor our sales force better, and provide quicker and better customer service.  This system would provide accurate sales figures and forecasts, and would provide sales promotions more promptly to customers.  This system is specifically designed for the distribution industry and provides top quality support to our sales force.