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Branded Petit Nectars Fridges

Petit® - Nectars is one of the brands we have built in Haiti to become the number one Premium Nectar with the help of our supplier and support as well.  We believed in this product as it's a great product; so we decided to do branded fridges to place them in high traffic retail stores to influence the consumer to purchase our brand Petit and every year our sales increase, so it must be working.

Tropi Coco® - Coconut Water

Tropi Coco® - Coconut Water is our own brand and we decided to do fridges as well to promote this brand to become the number one Coconut Water in Haiti.  Everyone loves Coconut Water in Haiti; so we gave them one in a can.

Colt 45® - Fridge

Colt 45® is the number one imported beer in Haiti.  We have built this brand by being present at every location possible and at all events to promote and maintain this brand image that we have created with Colt 45®.  This is a great example of brand building in Haiti.  Colt 45® is a popular product in Haiti; therefore you will find it in all areas of the country.